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These are some highlight clips from the Mel's Angels Grad League 2003 Final versus Real Perovskite played on July 29th, 2003. A full match summary is also available.

Bob's Bodycheck [700k]
Halfway through the first half, one of the Real Perovskite players made a good run down the side... but Bob stopped him. Effectively.

Ricardo's Goal... GOL! [560k]
A nice throw-in by Bob to Corey, a slide over to Ricardo, and... GOL!

Bob's Penalty Shot [280k]
A handball in the box leads to a good save off of a penalty shot.

Alex' first half diving save [400k]
Two quick passes up the sideline, a quick turn on David, and Samir gets off a nice shot, forcing a good save.

Adam Pulling it off the Line [680k]
After Alex got knocked down on a ball in from a free kick, Real got a shot on net, but Adam was there to clear it off of the line.

The Youngest Fan [700k]
Fady's son, John Mathew, is getting into the swing of things, preparing his cheers for next year's games. The scouts have their eyes on this one.

Eric's Good Shot [480k]
After some fancy footwork and good moves in the corner, Evan lays off a ball to Eric who took a great shot on net.

Paul's header Goal... GOL! [690k]
A quick chip by Eric, a flick on by Bob, a header by Paul... and GOL!

Alex' punch save [290k]
Late in the game, a long throw-in came in, and Alex made a punch save to keep the ball out of play and hold the lead.