Mel's Angels
Grad League 2003 Champions

This is the first set of game photos from the 2003 Grad League final featuring Mel's Angels (in blue) against Real Perovskite (in yellow). The game was won by Mel's Angels by a final score of 2-1. The Men's Final followed the Women's Final, which was won by the BioSci team by a 2-1 score. Of course, players have to warmup before games...

[The Team (235k)]
The Team
[Warming up beforehand (250k)]
Warming up beforehand
[Ricardo challenging (280k)]
Ricardo challenging
[Bob taking a penalty (190k)]
Bob taking a penalty
[A goalmouth scramble (140k)]
A goalmouth scramble
[An early corner (210k)]
An early corner
[Daniel stepping over the ball (240k)]
Daniel stepping over the ball
[Alex making a leaping grab (180k)]
Alex making a leaping grab
[Sebi being tackled (260k)]
Sebi being tackled
[Catching breath at halftime (220k)]
Catching breath at halftime
[Neil going up for a header (240k)]
Neil going up for a header
[The Team at the Grad Club (220k)]
The Team at the Grad Club