Mel's Angels

Warmups before the game and people arriving always make for good photo opportunities. These are photos from the warmup right before the Grad League Final against Real Perovskite.

[Alex arriving at the field (140k)]
Alex arriving at the field
[Followed closely by Paul-Philippe (120k)]
Followed closely by Paul-Philippe
[Adam relaxing before things start (250k)]
Adam relaxing before things start
[Bob showing up unexpectedly (200k)]
Bob showing up unexpectedly
[Neil attempting to look classy (190k)]
Neil attempting to look classy
[Daniel looking perturbed as he changes (200k)]
Daniel looking perturbed as he changes
[Sebi looking on, waiting (130k)]
Sebi looking on, waiting
[Mel looking ready to go (250k)]
Mel looking ready to go
[Corey walking away from fans (300k)]
Corey walking away from fans
[Watching girls play soccer (250k)]
Watching girls play soccer
[David in full stretch mode (390k)]
David in full stretch mode
[David immediately after (410k)]
David immediately after
[Paul trying to emulate David (350k)]
Paul trying to emulate David
[Sebi and Umar limerbing up (200k)]
Sebi and Umar limbering up
[Evan checking out the game (280k)]
Evan checking out the game