Queen's University Noon Hour Soccer

[Map of Cricket Field (25k)]

This is a small collection of stuff dedicated to some information about the Noon Hour soccer crowd at Queen's University. It is a group of somewhat Queen's related people (staff, faculty, students, friends, and other random vagrants off the streets) who gather each and every day to play soccer (of the organized pickup variety) in the P.E.C. on miserable days, and on Tindall Field or Cricket Field on not-so-miserable days.

The Nooners (as the name has so nicely become) crowd has been playing, with varying personnas over the years of course, since the mid 1970s. A "full" history of the group can be found on Bill's Noon Hour Soccer Page, complete with email list information.

There is very little written down about the rules, codes of conduct, and so forth, but Melanie Adams (the significant other of one of the current Nooners) recently put together a Nooners Code of Conduct for Wives & Girlfriends (if that page is down, then try a local copy).

Pictures and Whatnot

Recently, one of the friendliest members of the crowd, Eddy Campbell, revealed that he'd accepted a position at Memorial University in Newfoundland, where he plans to attempt to start a new Nooners chapter. In the interests of saying farewell, and drinking a lot of good beer, we threw him a farewell party at the Grad Club. Another of the on-and-off again Nooners, Jim McLellan took some photos from the party.

Other Miscellany

As is often the case, the people that play at the Nooners come and go as real life takes them around the world. One past Nooner named ZiDan recently moved to Oxford (by recently, I mean 2002 or so) after he finished his PhD here at Queen's University. He has taken it upon himself to attempt to enlighten the Nooners crowd with periodical treatises on the state of English Football. And thus, the Blighty Report was born.