Mel's Angels
Biohazards Game

These photos were taken at the Biohazards game on May 20, 2004. Mel's Angels ended up winning the game 1-0 on a truly miserable day.

[Corey lowering the boom (69k)]
Corey lowers the boom on Markus; Biohazards and Angels alike applaud - unfortunately for both teams Markus stays in the game.
[Nuno dry-humping Corey (62k)]
Nuno manages to dry-hump Corey off the ball from behind in the box (the 18 yard box that is) and he didn't even buy Corey a drink first.
[The beautiful game (65k)]
Nuno again tantilizes fans with the way the beautiful game should be played against Evan.
[Alex, the human pretzel (72k)]
The photographer thought something was wrong with her camera, Corey assured her that her camera was in focus, just Alex (the Human Pretzel) wasn't.
[Corey patrolling his midfield (71k)]
Aaron is about to find out why you're supposed to wear shin guards when you hang out in Corey's midfield.