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Mel's Angels logo design by Phileen Dickinson.

[head photo (4k)]   Corey Willman - #8
6'0"   170lbs   Midfielder
St. Catherine's, Ontario
Signed: Fall 2002
[Freddie in action (25k)]

You could say that Corey's upbringing prepared him for soccer more than a life of soccer playing ever could. Living in various world locales has infused Corey with the "world view" with which he monitors the field. A track athlete in high school, Corey's lightening pace makes him extremely difficult to defend against and his fearless tenacity on the field is rivalled only by Nooner Max Vernet. The combination of speed and agression put him in the lofty company of other midfielders such as Nicky Butt and Fredrik Ljungberg (with whom he also shares his number and hair cut if not hair colour as pictured to the right).

Corey was acquired this year after one of the largest transfer fees in Grad League history, and has vowed that his pricey arrival from Biohazards will reap rewards yet to be determined.

Year Games Goals Assists Cautions
2003 13 3 5 1
2004 12 3 5 0
[Corey in action (20k)]
May 25, Corey in action vs Chemistry