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Mel's Angels logo design by Phileen Dickinson.

[head photo (4k)]   Sebi Cioaba - #10
5'11"   175lbs   Midfielder
Signed: Summer 2002

Argentina has their Maradona, Brazil has their Pele, and the Angels' have their Sebi. Sebi is co-manager and the heart of Mel's Angels. Sebi's introduction to Grad League soccer was in 2001 with now defunct "Watson Hall", courtesy of his countryman and fledgling, ZiDan. His talents and charisma were wasted on the field with this lunch pail gang of goons so Sebi abandoned "Watson Hall" and formed his own team (see Mel's Angels History). Sometimes referred to as "Dr 'Meg", the "Eastern European Express", or the "Romanian Rottweiler", Sebi enjoys to dance the most dangerous of ballets up and down the field 'megging and hip-bopping all who challenge him.

Sebi reclaimed number 10 from his previous 25 for the Summer 2004 season.

Year Games Goals Assists Cautions
2003 11 7 6 1
2004 10 11 3 0