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Field Locations and Directions

North Field

All weekday games will be played on this field, including the playoff rounds.

[West Campus Field Map (11k)]

The North Field is located in the northeast corner of Queen's West Campus. It is accessible from Johnson Street, just west of Sir John A. MacDonald Boulevard, and is on the immediate left when entering from this direction. On the map above, it is near the northeast corner of the green area, where the star is located, marked as Queen's University West Campus.

Caton's Fields

Sunday games will be played on the Caton's Fields.

[Caton's Field Map (10k)]

Both Caton's fields are located in the Megaffin Park recreation complex. This complex is at the intersection of Stephen Street and Montreal Street. However, the fields are not immediately accessible from there, but you can reach them by turning east on Russell Street (just north of Stephen) or east on James Street (just south of Stephen) and access the fields from Bagot Street (runs parallel to Montreal Street, just to the east). On the map above, the Caton's Fields are where the two stars can be seen.

Maps courtesy of <http://maps.yahoo.ca>