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Mel's Angels logo design by Phileen Dickinson.

Mel's Angels


The history of Mel's Angels begins when Sebi Cioaba and Umar Iqbal met and played soccer together during the 2000/2001 indoor season for a team called Grads and Friends, winning the competition in the final with Sebi as the lone forward scoring all three goals in a 3-2 win. After a second successful indoor season the next winter, defeating Chem/Phys in a 2-1 thriller in the PEC finals, they decided to put together a Grad League team.

A fellow player named Tudor Moldoveanu had done some serious research into a protein named Calpain in early 2002. Together, they brought together a core group of players under the name of Calpain United to play that summer. The team, suited in yellow for most games, and dark blue for the finals, was very successful, winning the Grad League 2002 championship by defeating Mixed Nuts in the final 3-0.

That fall, the student members of the team changed to a regular blue shirt and continued to play together in the Queen's Intramurals league, losing in the quarter finals of the BEWS outdoor playoffs 1-0 to Comm '03. The two indoor leagues were much more successful, with the team winning the BEWS Soccer Dome League over Chem/Phys 5-3. The team followed this victory up 3 days later in the BEWS PEC League, defeating Comm '03 by a score of 5-4, avenging the earlier outdoor season loss.

On March 8, 2003, a small core of the team entered into an indoor tournament put on by the Japanese Relations at Queen's. The team was victorious in the tournament, defeating QCFC in the final game.

Once the Intramural season finished, Tudor announced that he was leaving Queen's (having finished his PhD), and moving to Montreal. Since the Calpain United name was so closely tied to Tudor, it was felt that the team should rename itself. After much deliberation, and several worthwhile names, the name Mel's Angels was hit upon, and has since stuck.

The inaugural season of Mel's Angels, now dressed in royal blue with white trim, was highly successful, leading to a rematch of the final against the renamed Real Perovskite (the 2003 version of Mixed Nuts) and a victory by a score of 2-1 to claim a second Grad League championship in a row.

On to see what the 2004 season holds next...